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The Irish Climate - A guide for international students

What is Irish weather like?

Ireland's climate is invariably described as temperate. The weather is quite mild given Ireland's high latitude. The average number of wet days (with more than 1mm of rain recorded) ranges from around 150 days along the east and south-east coasts to about 225 days a year in parts of the west.

Temperatures rarely fall below freezing point in winter but can sometimes feel that way due to easterly winds. Irish summers may be considered good if the temperature rises above 16 degrees Celsius, though some parts of the country routinely have higher temperatures and 30 degrees is not unheard of.

Irish weather can seem harsh to students who come from a warm climate. Dampness in winter can be a particular problem by making it seem even colder. Also, the wind is not as dry as in some other countries, so even a relatively modest shower combined with a cool, strong breeze can create an unpleasant driving rain.

More on Irish weather from Met Eireann


How should I prepare?

The best way to prepare for Irish weather is to make sure you have warm clothes which will protect you in all types of weather and to use layering - wearing T-shirts or shirts to which you can add sweaters, jackets and overcoats, depending on how cold it is.

You should have at least one waterproof coat and some strong shoes. Gloves, hats and scarves are also very effective in defeating the cold, as are thermal underware.

Similarly, you should prepare for nightime temperatures with warm blankets and bedding.

To study effectively, it is important to keep the rooms you work in warm enough. However, avoid raising temperatures too high - heating can be expensive and high indoor temperatures will make you feel even colder when you go out.


Last updated: January 2016