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International students with children / family reunification

Can I bring my husband / wife / civil partner / children to Ireland while I study?

In general, non-EEA students have no rights to family reunification. Some exceptions to this policy are outlined below.

Partners/spouses and children will have to make their own visa applications as they cannot advance their application for permission to enter or reside in Ireland on the basis of their relationship to a registered non-EEA student.

Students will not be allowed to be joined by children except those born during their stay.


What are the exceptions to the policies outlined above?

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Authority (INIS) may consider exemptions from the policy of no Family Reunification where:

For further details, see Section G of the INIS guide New Immigration Regime for Full Time Non-EEA Students

The Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) has advised that student parents accompanied by children (of whatever age) not authorised to enter Ireland will be stopped at the port of entry in Ireland and refused permission to land.


How does this relate to immigration registration?

First time students from outside the EEA presenting for registration with the GNIB are asked to confirm that they are neither accompanied by children nor do they intend to have their children join them later on - unless covered by specific arrangements as indicated above.


If I have a child in Ireland during my studies, what will be his/her status?

Children born in Ireland are not automatically entitled to Irish citizenship unless they have an Irish or British parent. In all other cases, entitlement to citizenship is based on proving a firm link to Ireland through a parent being legally resident for at least 3 of the 4 years prior to the birth and documented as such by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). ยป More


Last updated: January 2016