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Guide to writing to INIS

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS), part of the Department of Justice and Equality, has a number of email addresses that students are sometimes asked to communicate with in specific circumstances.

ICOS has seen many students writing to email addresses without including full information about their case. This can only slow down any response or even lead to no response being given.

When writing to any address you should start your email with:

Below this, describe your situation (e.g. student of a closed college) and what you are seeking (e.g. permission to enrol on another course). Be very clear by including specific details in your email and scans of all documents that support your case…

With any relevant attachments, give them a suitable name, e.g. Confirmation of Enrolment Letter.pdf – not photo1.jpg or 0199322947.pdf. You should include attachments of everything relevant to documenting your recent progress with your studies. This may, for example, include exam results.

When you have finished your email, give it a meaningful subject line that sums up what it is about before it is opened, e.g. 'Student from closed college seeking permission to join Masters programme'.

By following the steps above, you are making it easier for the immigration service to fully understand your case and give you a response. This still may not happen quickly but, provided you have sent a clear email with all relevant details you should receive a reply. While you are waiting, you should avoid resending the same email or following-up on a frequent basis, as doing so will only create further backlogs of emails and may result in longer delays for all students awaiting a response.

While you are waiting for a reply, there is usually no benefit to attending the immigration office about the same issue. If you are seeking permission to renew your paperwork, the email reply from INIS will advise what to do next, e.g. giving you an invitation to attend the office for your renewal to be processed.


Last updated: November 2016