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Erasmus - The European student exchange programme

What is Erasmus?

Erasmus is the EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. Under the Erasmus Programme, students from the EU, EEA and Turkey have a straightforward route to spend between three and 12 months studying in an Irish higher education institution as part of their course.

Since it began in 1987, almost 2 million students across Europe have made use of the programme to broaden both their studies and cultural experiences.


How can Erasmus help me study in Ireland?

Successful applicants for the exchange programme receive a study grant toward the costs and do not pay fees at their chosen insitution.

Courses undertaken in Ireland are recognised within the student's final degree award under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Institutions in 31 countries participate in the programme and there are variations in the applications process between them. You should contact your college's International Office for advice.

Erasmus can also support students who want to spend periods on work placement in Ireland.


Where can I get more information on Erasmus and other exchange options?

Check out the following websites...

The European Commission website - sets out the history, aims and practical information on Erasmus (available in all languages of the EU). The Commission has also drawn up an Erasmus Student Charter, available in several languages.

Erasmus Student Network - non-profit that supports and develops student exchange programmes and provides comprehensive information and advice at its website, working on the principle of students helping students.

Ploteus - the Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space takes a wider view and provides a range of information about studying and working in another EU country.


Last updated: January 2016