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Listening to International Students

Students speaks at ICOS international student forum

In recent years, ICOS has worked with the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) to hold events bringing together students from a range of countries and Higher Education Institutions to discuss issues of importance to their studies and overall experience in Ireland. Each forum event has a particular theme and is written up as a report. The issues identified by students are very important to our work on policy and good practice.

Coming soon - report on the April 2017 international student forum event.

We encourage you to have your say at future events. Look out for further details.


What international students say

Some representative quotes from previous forum reports...

"At the start I was not really confident with my studies. Sometimes I am not sure about the way to do things. The teaching is really different. However the lecturers are very approachable."

"There needs to be more exposure and integration with Irish students."

"Irish people are warm and friendly. They are helpful but it is very hard to interact with them as they are more involved in themselves."

Immigration procedures are "time consuming, expensive, complicated, frustrating and repetitive.". Staff can be "suspicious, judgemental, prejudiced, rude and unwelcoming" even when all necessary documents are provided.

"The length of the visa is frustrating, it would be nice if the [GNIB card fee] would last for longer. Trying to figure this stuff out when trying to be a student and do work, is very stressful."

"International office is very helpful."

"College should offer more local trips to help us know the country better."

"We have to pay extra for everything and yet [gain] no benefits for employment opportunities."


Reports from ICOS forum events