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Irish Aid Fellowship Training Programme - Application Process

NOTE: Application for the Irish Aid Fellowship Training Programme is by invitation, not open call. Irish Embassies and Missions begin inviting applications from partner organisations and Ministries in September of each year. Fellowship eligibility requirements aim to ensure close alignment with Irish Aid's programmatic approach.

Irish Aid Fellowship Training Programme Course Guide / Application

A guide to courses eligible for Irish Aid Fellowship Training Programme awards is available to consult at the Embassy of Ireland in participating countries from September of each year. Embassies will also provide copies of the fellowship application form.

Once you have obtained the application form, you should read the accompanying notes carefully before completing any of the sections. You should also have identified the postgraduate programme you wish to undertake. The deadline for submission of the form is 30th November but earlier submission to the Irish Embassy/Mission is advised.

When returning the form, you will be asked to provide a certified photocopy of several documents. (A certified photocopy is one which has been signed and stamped by an authorised person - such as a Justice of the Peace, a Notary Public, a lawyer or a solicitor, etc - as being true and correct. The authorised person needs to sign, print their name and position and, if possible, affix an official stamp to all pages of each copy).

Please note that all applications for the Fellowship Training Programme should be submitted directly to the Irish Embassy/Mission, not to ICOS or Irish Aid.

You are advised not to apply for a course before being notified of the status of your Fellowship application. However, if you have aleady applied for a course at the time of submitting your fellowship application, you should indicate this clearly on your form and include photocopies of all related correspondence.

Course Application

If you are advised that your application has been shortlisted for a possible fellowship award, you must submit a separate course application directly to the college in question. ICOS will advise regarding payment of any application fee.

Please note the following:

  • Colleges in Ireland generally only accept applications online.
  • Take care to complete all sections. Incomplete course applications will take longer to process and may result in missing an application deadline.
  • When submitting course applications, it is essential that you forward original transcripts or certified photocopies of exam results or degree certificates. Uncertified photocopies are not acceptable.
  • Irish universities normally issue course acceptance letters in May or June.

English Language Proficiency

To fulfil Irish Aid Fellowship Training Programme requirements, all shortlisted candidates for study in Ireland must also obtain an IELTS English Language certificate - unless they already hold one which is less than two years old - with a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 (TOEFL equivalent also accepted). Test arrangements will be made and paid for by ICOS on behalf of Irish Aid for shortlisted candidates who do not already hold such a certificate.

Please note that admission to some courses in Ireland will require a higher IELTS/TOEFL score than the Fellowship minimum requirements given above.

For further details:
IELTS: www.ielts.org
TOEFL: www.toefl.org